Why can hair be different from one individual to another?

Genetics is responsible for the type of hair you have. Specifically genetics influence the shape and inclination of the follicles. And it's the follicles that are responsible for the characteristics and type of your hair.

First let's talk about the shape of the follicles. They can be round, oval or elliptical in shape, which will produce hair of the associated shape. The rounder the hair, the less frizzy it is. On the contrary, the more the hair has an oval or elliptical shape, the more it curls.

There is also the inclination of the follicles in the scalp which will influence the type of hair.

The straighter the follicles, positioned perpendicular to the scalp, the smoother the hair will be.

On the contrary, the more the follicle is twisted, positioned horizontally to the scalp, the curlier the hair will be.

Having healthy, strong hair can be a real challenge. Between external aggressions (sun, pollution, heat, cold...) and hair treatments (coloring, straightening, perms...), our hair can be put to the test. It is therefore important to give them special attention to keep them healthy. Here are some tips for taking care of your hair.

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